KAKOH Co., Ltd. is
a manufacturer that produces super high precision metal tubes and pipes.

Tubes are the passages that convey electricity, heat, gas, liquid, information, and other various things. Tubes are very important elements in our industrial bases. They are used as water tubes, as parts air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles, mobile phones, and ink tube cartridges and pen points for ball point pens. Tubes are also used in various fields: from heavy industries such as aircrafts, power plants, factories, rockets, heat exchangers to medical fields, such as hypodermic syringes and catheters. It is evident that tubes have an important role in our society and industries.

KAKHO Co., Ltd. was established in 1964 as an electric discharge machining (E. D. M.) small hole tube electrode manufacturer. Since then we have served and satisfied various customer needs. Currently, we supply electrodes and various industrial and everyday items from Aerospace industry to jewelry. Tubes made by KAKOH Co., Ltd. have been used widely all over the world.